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November 27, 2015
November 27, 2015
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KB Sound Premium FM



The KB Sound Premium Radio FM is user-friendly in design. Its clear and easily accessible menus allow the user to tailor the settings according to your personal requirements. The direct FM tuning, the adjustable lighting, the screen with bigger letters and numbers, the choice of language, etc. are just some of the functions available in this customer-centered design.

The advantages of the kit are many. Primarily, it is easy to assemble. All the parts required for installation are included in the kit: the control unit, the cables, the power supply, the housing case, etc.

What else does the KB Sound Premium Kit offer? It was designed for people who want to enjoy sound in radio or music in areas of the home with no television or stereo system, no sound pre-installation and who have no desire to undergo major improvements.

The is the ideal accessory to enjoy the best possible sound in the kitchen and bathroom by means of a control unit that blends right into the decor.

– LCD display indicates all system functions
– 30 FM station memory
– iPod/MP3/CD plug-in
– Two alarms with sleep function
– Optional IR controller
– 2.5″ speakers available in white, nickel and chrome finish

Supplied as a complete kit, the KBSOUND PREMIUM includes:
– Power supply
– Control unit
– 2 x 2.5″ speakers
– Mounting box and fascias
– 10m speaker cable
– 76cm antenna

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