Fusion Exclusive Mirror Technology & Coloured Glass

Fusion Exclusive Mirror Technology and Coloured Glass

Since first launching our Mirror TVs in 2005 we have continually strived to produce systems that set the standards for others to follow.

From our “Professional Range” TVs for the AV specialist to our exclusive “Overlay Systems” made from high grade steel and designed to turn any flat screen TV in to a stunning Mirror TV, for both commercial and residential markets to our stunning hand crafted picture frames.

The same philosophy is carried through to what is the most important part of the system, the quality of our exclusive Mirror Technology.

It is a fine balance in having the brightest and most reflective mirror possible whilst still maintaining a high TV image quality. This is greatly affected by the lighting (natural and artificial) in the room and individual requirements.

For this reason we offer three ranges of Mirror Glass as well as Black Glass, White Glass or any RAL colour Glass of your choice.

Exclusive Silver Mirror TV (Not Grey Tinted) for all Living Areas

Fusion Ultra - High Brightness Silver Mirror (Non Tinted Near Perfect Silver Mirror)

We are proud to be the only UK company to offer this exclusive Mirror Technology.

Not only is this a near perfect (non tinted) Silver Mirror but due to its ultra translucent properties offers superior image quality and is suitable for all living areas.

  • Near perfect Silver Mirror (Non tinted)
  • Ultra Translucent for superior image quality
  • Can be used in any Living Area
  • TV vanishes when off
  • Excellent match with our mirrored picture frames
  • Fusion Standard Mirror Technology - (Tinted Mirror)

    Offering similar translucent qualities to our Premium Mirror, our Standard Mirror technology gives excellent TV image quality with a tinted mirror when the TV is off.

  • Tinted Mirror
  • Suitable for all Living Areas
  • Not recommended for areas where a silver mirror is required.
  • TV is 90% invisible when off (in certain lighting you may see a very slight variation in the mirror over the TV image area)
  • Excellent TV image quality
  • Fusion High Brightness Mirror Technology

    Our original mirror glass, offers a very good mirror and the TV vanishes completely when off. Not as translucent as our Premium or Standard Mirror Glass so if used in areas of bright light or for day time viewing you may need to pull binds or dim lights.
  • Very good mirror quality
  • TV vanishes completely when off
  • Ideally suited for large walls of mirrors such as Bathrooms where our specialist TV systems are used.
  • Fusion Black, White & Coloured Glass

    Fusion coloured glass is available in Black, White or any RAL paint colour of your choice
  • With Black Glass the TV is 90% invisible when off. This means you will see a variation in the black colour where the TV is situated.
  • With white and all coloured glass the black TV image area is visible when the TV is off.
  • For More Information

    If you require more information on our Mirror Technology or samples please give us a call on 020 84471653

    or email info@electroniczone.co.uk